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As I read our dear friend Laurie (Newell) Morse’s Christmas wish for Baby Schultz on Give Forward I’m reminded of how lucky we are to have such strong network of friends and family who’ve been so supportive during this whole ordeal.

Over the last few months, “luck” has taken on a whole meaning to me. I’ve heard from many people that I’m very lucky.

You’re so lucky…

  • …that you live close to Boston and great medical facilities.
  • …that they caught the heart defect so early.
  • …that there’s a surgery that can help.

When people first started telling me how lucky I was, I wanted to scream. How is having a baby with an extremely complex heart defect lucky? How is having in utero heart surgery lucky? How is having to have conversations with doctors about termination, mortality rates, palliative care, and open heart surgery within days of birth lucky?

I felt like one of the most unlucky people in world.


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