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A Year at Home

Ari 17 months

Last week on the news I heard a fresh version of an old story. Man was working on daughter’s car. Car jacks fail. Man gets pinned under car.

Daughter sees dad pinned. Goes over to car, says a mental “Shazam!” and miraculously lifts car off dad. (In the future she never drops the subject as she angles for dad to pay her unfortunate gambling debts, but that’s not important right now.)

When I’m in the hospital or somethin’s a-brewin’, Shazam!, I can get a deusy of a blog post out as easy as toastin’ a Pop Tart. When it’s just another day on the lake, what can I say, it’s more fun sitting on the dock watching the boats go by than writing.

Seriously, three middle-aged chicks just floated by on their party boat playing power ballads (…and I don’t wanna miss a thaang…). One was talking about how her homemade Buffalo wings kicked ass. The other was smoking a stogie. How can you beat that!

Still, I’ve been slackin’ so I thought I’d give you a straight up update. Or is that a straightupdate? Whatever.

Here’s what’s been going on life and health-wise, and a little by the numbers update just because.


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