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Surgery part deux was a technical success. Erica and Danger came back from the O.R. just before noon. As for what happened and what’s next, the update from last surgery pretty much says it all. At this point we haven’t had the post-surgery ultrasound. We’ll have that later today and an echo tomorrow. At that point we’ll know a little more.

All of these surgeries are recorded on video. Through channels that I can’t really discuss, we’ve obtained an unauthorized bootleg, including footage of the doctors preparing. It’s really amazing what happens behind the scenes.


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Action Stations, Part Deux

For years I considered joining the Army. Then, in 1981, the dream ended abruptly.

What happened, you ask?

Afraid of the impending invasion of Granada? Not hardly.

Concerned that I was only 7? Oh please. I’d lie about my age.

Give it all up for a woman? Charles, take Di off my hands. I have boots to shine.

All until I learned the dark truth of what they really do in the military. We all have our boundaries. This one was too much. (more…)

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No News is Good News

Since our last post we’ve had a few echos and ultrasounds and things are looking largely the same. In this case the same = good.

To use one of Dr. T’s wonderful sports analogies, it’s like we’re in a race and we just need to make it to the finish line. We don’t need to win the race, in fact it’s ok if we are crawling across the finish line. We just need to get there.

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