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Last week, after Ethan went with the angels, Erik, his dad, was telling me about him. Erik said that conversations with Ethan were great. He told me how Ethan was kind, smart, and funny.  How much he liked music. How he’d start each day dancing away with the nurses in CICU.

It’s no surprise that Erik said Ethan was his best friend.

Mothers, they’re rarely shy of telling us, bond with their children in the womb. Perhaps I’m alone in this one, but when Ari came out, I looked at him and thought, “Whose kid is that?”


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Warning. As a Schultz, I learned grossly inappropriate humor at an early age. Today I’m pulling one out circa 1982 that’s about a 6.5 on the inappropriate scale. It may not even register on the funny scale.

But what can I say, it’s late, I’m tired, my son needed CPR for a minute or so in the cath lab, doctors brought up heart transplant for the first time today, and I don’t have much in the tank.

Indian guy (Elizabeth Warren-style) in full head dress walks into a bar. Goes up to a girl and says flatly, “Chance.”


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Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill.

Here’s how it works.

Popcorn. Please turn off cell phones. Dim lights. Previews…and we’re off.

Superman’s having a relaxing day as Clark Kent, lounging around the Daily Planet making moon eyes Lois when arch-nemesis Lex Luthor launches his sinister plot to defeat him and take over the world.

Caught off guard, seemly poised this time to fall to Lex and his evil henchpeople, Superman rises to the occasion, unravels the plot, finishes Lex and crew, and flies off into the sunset with Lois in his arms.

Then the lights come on, we all go out for ice cream, and head home for the rest of the day.

Two or three years later, what happens?


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Ethan the Great

From Jessica Lindberg, “Our beloved Ethan, our special boy went to be with Jesus this morning around 6:30. He fought so hard and we are beyond proud to be called his parents. The last 7 years have been an honor. Our hearts are broken but Ethan’s is whole. Thank you for loving him and us.”

Ethan Lindberg, May 20, 2005 – June 12, 2012

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My Plans for Ethan

My buddy Ethan’s in the steel cage match of his life. He better win because I have some serious plans for him and me.

Ethan. The man. The master. The legend.  Here are 10 things I gots in the works so far.

1. Use the “Jack Johnson and I are tight” line to pick up hot chicks.

2. Make sure Jack Johnson isn’t using the “I know Ethan and Ari” line to pick up hot chicks without sending some our way.

3. Fly fishing for sockeye salmon in Alaska. Who am I kidding. Drink all day and night in Alaska, and tell people we went fishing.


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Echo of Nope

They say every publication has its own special lens through which it reports the news of the day.

Let’s say, “World to end tomorrow at noon.”

You might find:

  • New York Times: “World to end tomorrow at noon.”
  • USA Today: “World to end tomorrow at noon. American’s share their reactions. See pie chart.”
  • Wall Street Journal: “World to end tomorrow at noon. Stock markets to close early.”
  • Fox News: “World to end tomorrow at noon. Still under Obama’s watch. Romney poll numbers rising.”
  • Boston Globe: “World to end tomorrow at noon. Kennedys gathering at compound. This just the latest in the list of Kennedy tragedies. See page 6 for the Kennedy tragedy timeline.”

Then there’s us. If it were another day, you’d find here on Echo of Hope, “World to end tomorrow at noon. Ari to climb Everest naked with one hand tied behind his back carrying a Sherpa. To finish by 11:30 a.m. so he has time to write his memoir before  sun winks out.”

But, like many men of his stature, Ari has his dark times. Funks of depth that would crush a mortal man.


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