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Ari’s Mail Bag

Ari this morning

Oprah: Ari, what’s shakin’? Where you been? What you doin’?

A: Since the mitral valve dilation, been pretty good. Essentially quiet life. Been gaining weight slowly but steadily except for the 3 week RSV diet. RSV is bad bad bad for kids like me who already take 6 medicines to help my heart and keep my lungs clear. Because, when you need meds like that, what you really want is a lung infection, right? At least now I know what it feels like to be an 80 year old chain smoker. Something to look forward to.

Since then, pretty quiet. Still not eating much by mouth, but when I’m not sick, been keeping food down pretty well. To give you a sense of what the mitral valve dilation did for me, before I went in I was throwing up 3 or 4 times a day. Ate no solid foods. Nothing by mouth. No toleration of high calorie formula. We overnighted at the Barf-o-Rama hotel.


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What’s Up? Ask Me.


First, this is a pic in the ER from a recent visit to the Children’s. I got RSV a few weeks ago despite getting the vaccine every month and it threw me for a loop. Home now and doing much better.

It’s been busy for the last month, so haven’t had time for an update. Meanwhile, people ask me questions all the time. Let’s have some fun with that. Introducing…Ari’s Mail Bag.

In the comments below, ask me questions. What’s up with me. Politics. World affairs. TV shows. Celebrity gossip. Dating advice. Sports…anything you like. Sky’s the limit. I’ll answer all I can, hopefully sometime this weekend.

Until then, peoples…

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