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Ari’s new thing is golf. He wakes up in the morning and calls for us. When we go in there’s no hello. No, “Did you sleep well daddy?”

It’s “Watch golf. Bubba Watson!”

He’s a player, too. If he’s not shooting hoops, odds are he has a club in his hand, swinging away in the living room. We’re working on putting because, you know, we like our floors without the divots, but it’s a work in process.

On Saturday morning I was excited to ask Ari when he work up, “Ari, do you want to go watch real golf?” Of course he did, so off to Stow Acres Country Club we went. First up, driving range. We watched some guys hit balls and he was thrilled.

It wasn’t so busy, so we got a bucket, went off to the side, and teed up. He missed a few, but not necessary more than I did. When he connected, he actually got some yardage! Not even 2 and a half yet, and hittin’ ’em good.


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